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Adapters (Power)
DC Output (3 items)
Audio Cable Assemblies
Alligator Cable Assemblies (1 items)
Cigarette Lighter Cable Assemblies (1 items)
RCA Cable Assemblies (2 items)
Test Leads (1 items)
Audio Connectors & Adapters
Alligator Clips (1 items)
Audio Round Conn. (7 items)
Banana Conn. (1 items)
Cigarette Lighter Conn. (1 items)
Hollow Power Jacks (1 items)
Hollow Power Plugs (3 items)
RCA Conn. (3 items)
Bulbs, Tubes, Indicator Lights & Accessories
Indicators Lights (9 items)
Buzzers & Microphones
Buzzers (2 items)
D-sub, Centronic Connectors & Hoods
D-SUB Hoods (3 items)
Hi-Density Type (1 items)
PCRA Type (1 items)
Solder Type (2 items)
Hardware Section
Grommets (1 items)
Misc. Hardware (2 items)
Nuts (4 items)
Screws (10 items)
Washers (5 items)
Headers & Sockets
DIP Headers (1 items)
Shrouded Headers (3 items)
SIP Headers (2 items)
IC Sockets
Regular IC Sockets (4 items)
IDC & Transient Connectors
IDC Female (15 items)
Knobs for 1/4IN Shaft (1 items)
Miscellaneous Items
Misc. Items (14 items)
Multi-pin Connectors & Adapters (XLR, DIN etc.)
Din Connectors (3 items)
Microphone Connectors (8 items)
Mini Din Connectors (2 items)
Multi-pin Plastic housing, Polarized Headers, Sockets
Housings for Plugs & Sockets (2 items)
Polarized SIP Headers (3 items)
Network, Telephone & Modular Supplies
Modular Baseboards (1 items)
Modular Jacks (1 items)
Modular Y-Adapters etc. (1 items)
Telephone Cables (1 items)
Opto Section (LEDs, Displays etc.)
LDR Photocells (2 items)
LED Holders, Spacers & Hdwr etc. (1 items)
LEDS (Through Hole) (1 items)
Pins (1 items)
Potentiometers & Trimpots
Linear Potentiometers (5 items)
Log Potentiometers (1 items)
Relays & Accessories
Regular DC Coil (2 items)
RF Connectors, Cable Assemblies & Accessories (BNC etc.)
BNC Connectors & Adapters (1 items)
Shorting Jacks & Plugs
Shorting Jacks (2 items)
Soldering, desoldering Accessories & Ads
Soldering Accessories & Aids (1 items)
Solderless Connectors
Closed End Conn. (1 items)
Misc. Solderless Conn. & Adapters (1 items)
Piggyback Conn. (1 items)
Quick Conn. Female (3 items)
Ring Terminals (1 items)
Wire Nuts (1 items)
Switches & Accessories
Magnetic Switches (1 items)
Push Switches (1 items)
Rocker Switches (1 items)
Toggle Switches (3 items)
Terminal Blocks
European Type (1 items)
Test & other Equipments
Test & other Equipments (2 items)
TOOLS (15 items)
Audio Transformers (2 items)
Power Transformers (Single Output) (1 items)
Wire & Cable Management (Also See Cable Ties & Cable Tie Mounts)
Heat Shrink Tubing (9 items)
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